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What we believe is so important… and defending our beliefs is critical […] Rev. Montoya has gone to great lengths to provide clarity and biblical support to the things we treasure dearly, our fundamental doctrines.”- DR. DOUG CLAY – AG General Superintendent.

We are always, as pastors, aware of how important is that each member of our churches knows very well -and understands -, our fundamental truths; therefore, we have prepared a course specially designed to teach them. We have called it, The 16 fundamental doctrines explained.

The goal of this course is that each of the students possesses classical Pentecostal doctrinal knowledge. The course is diligent, orderly, simple, consistent, creative, and up-to-date work that you and your church/Bible Institute will enjoy. Furthermore, the course provides the following advantages:

1.- It’s a professional course, not just a book The 16 Fundamental Doctrines explained course consists of a 254-page Textbook, a Workbook, and a complete PowerPoint presentation (+660 slides). Everything professionally edited.

2.A Workbook The Workbook will keep students’ interest in the study and it will help them to do a much better performance. Also, it can be personalized and each student will fill the blanks while making his/her own handwriting notes. After, he/she will be able to review the teaching from time to time.

3. A PowerPoint as a teaching tool the PowerPoint of the course is dynamic, professionally designed, extensive, and versatile. The pastor/educator may teach the course at his/her church and Bible Institute or University for up to 30 hours.

This course has the endorsement of important personalities and educators and it has been teaching in Sunday School, cell groups, leadership teams, and new converts groups in many churches and Bible Institutes in the United States, Canada, England, Spain, Mexico, and many other countries around the world.

This is the WORKBOOK of the course.

No ebook available, only physical product.

Request answers for the Workbook from Contact Us page. The answers are available only for teachers of the course.

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Workbook / The 16 fundamental doctrines