Humility / Andrew Murray


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What Many People Ignore About Humility is Enclosed in This Book

While there are many books that offer us “how to become greater”, Murray shows us that life is precisely the opposite, that man’s greatness and his happiness are measured by his humility.

This classic of Christian literature shows us quite clearly what humility is, why it is so fundamental, how to obtain it and how to persevere in it. Andrew Murray takes us on a biblical journey -through the life of Jesus and the apostolic writings- he shows us how pride is the worst of human calamities, and humility, his glory.

This book is really fascinating and instructive. That’s the reason it has been on the list of the ten most-read and loved Christian books in history for over a hundred years. Someone once said, “I have realized that I will not be able to read all the books that have been written: I will read only the best ones.”

The revised and updated edition has been carefully adapted to the contemporary reader without losing the meaning of the original manuscript at any point.

In this book, you will learn:

– Why humility is the glory of the creature.

– What close relationship exists between humility and holiness, why humility is the beauty of holiness; and why one cannot live without the other.

– How much humility has to do with the sinner’s redemption.

– Why humility is the mother-virtue.

– Why pride is such an evil thing.

– How to know if one is truly humble.

– What are the teachings and life of Jesus on humility.

– Is he humble who is always confessing himself a sinner?

– About death to self.

– How humility relates to faith.

– What humility offers man: happiness and the exaltation that God promises.

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Humility / Andrew Murray