The power of the blood of Jesus / Andrew Murray


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The Power of the Blood of Jesus is Available for You Today

The blood is the great mystery of the world; even it is a great mystery in the Bible for many of us. Something is for sure: we need the power of the blood of Jesus and the knowledge that we can learn through the Scriptures.

In this book, Andrew Murray deciphers the meaning of the blood and its great importance in our lives. He deciphers the mystery that the blood involves.

Through this book you will learn:

  1. What the Scriptures teach us about the blood (in the Old Testament, in the New Testament).
  2. The deepest role of the blood of Jesus in our redemption.
  3. The kind of reconciliation we have obtained by the blood of Jesus.
  4. The difference between Cleansing and Sanctification through the blood, their types in the Old Testament, their real meaning and application for our life.
  5. How we can draw near to God through the blood for having a life of victory and power.
  6. How the blood has overcome Satan in heaven and earth, and how this victory is effective in your life today and for eternity.

The blood of Jesus continues as effective as it was thousands of years ago, but we need to know how this Precious Blood works in our lives: in our salvation, our spiritual victory, our physical health, and our relationship with God forever.

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The power of the blood of Jesus / Andrew Murray